WCNT 2019 Has Begun!

The 50th anniversary edition of West Coast Number Theory is upon us!

This year, we will be starting the conference with an informal reception,
to be held in the Nautilus Room at Asilomar from 7-9pm. Drinks (Beer, Wine, Soda) will be available. Some small snacks will be provided, but we strongly encourage you to eat dinner before the reception. If you are staying at Asilomar, Dinner is from 6pm-7pm in the Crocker dining room.

The reception will include the first business meeting which will begin at approximately 7:30pm.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot make the first business meeting, but do plan to give a talk, please send your talk title to info@westcoastnumbertheory.org before 6pm on Dec 16 so we can make sure you are on the schedule.

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