West Coast Number Theory (WCNT), a meeting that has also been known variously as the Western Number Theory conference and the Asilomar Number Theory meeting is an annual gathering of number theorists first held (informally) by Dick and Emma Lehmer in 1967 and 1968, and was formalized into a meeting (at Asilomar) in 1969. This meeting, which has been held in western North America in December of every year since that time, has provided a comfortable and friendly environment for number theorists to meet and present their work.

WCNT is an informal meeting, which encourages number theorists of all calibres to discuss problems of interest in number theory. It consists of two main components: a series of short (15 to 20-minute) talks, for presenting results of interest to number theorists, and problem sessions, freeform question-and-answer sessions for discussing problems of interest to number theorists.

As a testament to the informal nature of the meeting, the schedule of talks is determined on the first day of the conference. For more information on the conference format, see the Schedule page.

Contact Us

2016 Organizers:
The main organizers this year are:

  • Kjell Wooding,
  • Amy Wooding,
  • Colin Weir,
  • Kevin McGown,
  • Amanda Tucker, and
  • Eva Goedhart,
    with help from David Bailey, Bart Goddard, Gerry Myerson, and Carl Pomerance.

Mail us at: info@westcoastnumbertheory.org

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