West Coast Number Theory aims to be a conference with minimal barriers to participation.

Tiered Registration Pricing

WCNT is committed to providing access to this conference as equitably as possible. We have long offered a tiered model for registration fees, which helps ensure participants from diverse career stages can attend WCNT.  We have updated our tiered fee system to allow you to select the program fee that best works for you. The selected tier will in no way impact your WCNT experience.

Virtual and In-Person

This year, we are offering a hybrid model with both virtual and in-person participation possible. You are welcome to attend both portions of the event. We will ensure that fast internet is available at Asilomar for the duration of the event (both virtual and in-person).

Childcare Options

We are also making childcare  available (for an additional fee) for the duration of the event. Note that childcare will be available during both the virtual and in-person portions of the event). Contact the organizers for more details.


If there are still barriers that might prevent you from participating in this event and a small (< $200) grant could help remove those barriers, then  please send a message to the organizers outlining your request, answering the following questions: “how much” and “how will it help.” Funding amounts will be finalized after the conference, although when possible, we’ll try to give an estimate of what we can help with as soon as we have an idea.

Please bear in mind that an extremely limited amount of funding is available this year.

Note that one of the conditions of accepting funding is that you should attend the whole conference. If this is an issue, please contact us and let us know your concerns.

Code of Conduct

It is extremely important to us that all mathematicians feel welcome at WCNT. Elements of our Code of Conduct date back to the beginnings of WCNT, something we often refer to as Emma’s Rules

  • Everyone is Welcome: Focus on accessibility, not equality.
  • Any idea is worth 15 minutes: Be polite, respectful, and curious, even if a topic is outside your area.
  • Help each other. Whether it be to become better mathematicians, better presenters, or happier and healthier people, let’s all come away from WCNT a little better than we went in. Let us know what you need, and how we can help you more fully participate in the event.

We also stand by the Richard Guy addendum to these rules:

  • It’s better to do math than watch math: take part in the problem sessions. Ask questions. Supply answers. Solve impossible problems.

In short:

  • Bring your whole self: Be respectful; Get to know your colleagues as people first, mathematicians second; Participate; and have fun.