Problem Sessions

One of the attractions of West Coast Number Theory are the problem sessions. The sessions are freeform. If you have a question, ask it. If you have an answer to a previous question, give it. Questions and answers are bundled up and distributed prior to the next conference.

Here are PDF’s of the problems sets from previous meetings.


One response to “Problem Sessions

  1. In 2012 West Coast Number Theory Conference problem sets, in problem 012.11, Mits Kobayashi [1] proposed the following unsolved problem:
    For the divisor function σ, Is there any other solution to:
    σ(pe) = σ(qf )
    where p, q are distinct primes and e and f are integers greater than 1, other than σ(24) = σ(52)?
    In this paper I give the answer ”no” assumming f = 2.

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