2021 Schedule of Talks

All times are given in Pacific Time (UTC-08:00). Please translate to your local time accordingly.

Thu, Dec 16, 2021

  • 4:00p–6:00pm: Virtual Banquet and First Business Meeting

Fri, Dec 17, 2021

  • 8:00aCoffee / Test Your Connection
  • 8:30a-10:00a: Session Chair: Shanna Dobson
    • Helen G. Grundman: A Brief Pre-History of Happy – Numbers and Generalized Happy Numbers
    • Shanna Dobson: Diamond L-Groups and Diamond Modular Curve
    • Shaoyun Yi: On dimension formulas of Siegel modular forms of level 4
    • Community Session: I am not OK: Tales from the pandemic (moderator: Kjell Wooding)
  • 10:00a-11:15a: Break
  • 11:15a-11:30a: Test Your Connection
  • 11:30a-1:00p: Session Chair: Sarah Arpin
    • Evan M. O’Dorney: Reflection theorems for integer forms
    • William Haynie Rowan: Valuations More Generally
    • Laura Hall-Seelig: When Happiness Becomes Complex: Gaussian Happy Numbers
    • Problem Session 1
  • 1:00p-2:30p: Session Chair: Shaoyun Yi
    • Duncan Buell: A Parameterized Family of Quadratic Class Groups with 3-Sylow Subgroups of Rank at Least Three
    • Zack Baker: Constructive Orderings: Novel Structure from Ordered Groups
    • Sarah Arpin: Supersingular Elliptic Curve Isogeny Graphs with Level Structure
    • Community Session: Creating a vibrant and inclusive community (Moderator: Amy Wooding)
  • 4:00p-6:00p: Happy Hour
    • Popup Topics

Sat, Dec 18 2021

  • 8:00aCoffee / Test Your Connection
  • 8:30a-10:00a: Session Chair: Amy Wooding
    • Matilde N Lalin: Sums of certain arithmetic functions over function fields and symplectic distributions
    • Johann Thiel: Solving the membership problem for certain subgroups of SL_2(Z)
    • David Kogan: On The Average Coherence of Cyclotomic Lattices
    • Community Session: Having a Life (Moderator: Eva Goedhart)
  • 10:00a-10:30: Break, Test Your Connection
  • 10:30a-12:00a: Session Chair: Jon Grantham
    • Vaishavi Sharma: Arithmetic properties of the divisor function
    • Maxwell Forst: Counting the number of basis extensions of a lattice.
    • Gary Walsh: Integers as a sum of three cubes
    • Problem Session 2
  • 12:00p-4:00: Free Afternoon
  • 4:00p-6:00p: Happy Hour
    • Popup Topics

Sun 19 2021

  • 8:00aCoffee / Test Your Connection
  • 8:30a-10:00a: Session Chair: Kjell Wooding
    • Raghavendra N Bhat: Distribution of Square-Prime (SP Numbers)
    • Jon Grantham: Integers whose sum is the reverse of their product
    • Russell Jay Hendel: Unexpected Limiting Behaviors of Triangular Labeled Graphs Representing Electrical Circuits
    • Problem Session 3
  • 10:00a-11:30a: Break
  • 11:30a-1:00p: Session Chair: Raghavendra N Bhat
    • Sungjin Kim: On the equations phi(n) = phi(n + k) and phi(p – 1) = phi(q – 1)
    • Bella Tobin: Applications of Belyi Maps in Arithmetic Dynamics
    • Community Session: Beyond traditional Careers in Math (Moderator: Amy Wooding)
  • 1:00p-1:30p: Break
  • 1:30p-2:30p: Wrap-up
    • Second Business Meeting
    • Awards, Thank-yous & Tearful Farewells