2022 Schedule of Talks

All times are given in Pacific Time (UTC-08:00). Please translate to your local time accordingly.

Friday, Dec 16 (Virtual)

  • 8:30a: Coffee / Test your Connection
  • 9:00a: Virtual Session 1. Session Chair: Shanna Dobson
    • David H Bailey: New computations of Poisson polynomials
    • Garo Sarajian: Generalizations of Smooth Numbers
    • Michael Beeson: Large Solutions of Pell’s equation: Data and Conjectures 
    • Break
  • 10:15: Virtual Session 2. Session Chair: Duncan Buell
    • Prajeet Bajpa: Effective Methods for Norm-Form Equations
    • Jon Sorenson: An algorithm and estimates for sums of powers of consecutive primes
    • Kalani Thalagoda: Computational Aspects of Bianchi Modular Forms
    • Community Session 1: Emma’s Rules
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 2:00pm Brillhart Virtual Session 1. Session Chair: Jon Sorenson
    • Carl Pomerance: The sieve of Eratosthenes
    • Shanna Dobson: Six Operations on Diamond Topos
    • Duncan Buell: A parameterized family of quadratic class groups with rank 3 3-Sylow subgroups
    • Break
  • 3:30p: Brillhart Virtual Session 2. Session Chair: Andrew Shallue
    • Eric Roettger: Some Public-key Cryptography
    • Jeffrey Lagarias: John Brillhart’s work on polynomials
    • Raghavendra N Bhat: Uniform Distribution of Square-Prime numbers with some Algebraic estimates
    • Problem Session 1
  • 5:00p: Dinner
  • 8:00p: Hybrid Happy Hour. Session Chair: Eva Goedhart

Saturday, Dec 17 (Virtual Half-Day)

  • 8:30a: Coffee / Test your Connection
  • 9:00a: Virtual Session 3. Session Chair: Jon Grantham
    • Lee Troupe: An Erdős-Kac Theorem for Sums of Proper Divisors
    • Jimmy Mc Laughlin: Some Remarks on the Coefficients of Hecke Eigenforms and Chebyshev Polynomials of the Second Kind
    • Daniel Lautzenheiser: Fourier Eigenfunctions and Modular Forms
    • Break
  • 10:15a: Virtual Session 4. Session Chair: Kalani Thalagoda
    • Giacomo Viazzo: Improved Bounds on the Entanglement of Number Fields Generated by Torsion Points of non-CM Elliptic curves
    • Erik Tou: A Tour of Lagrange’s Recherches d’Arithmetique
    • Community Session 2: There is No Normal

12:00 Lunch and Free Afternoon
8:00p Hybrid Happy Hour. Session Chair: Eva Goedhart

Sunday, Dec 18 (In-Person)

  • 7:00a: Community Session 3: World Cup Final (Kiln)
  • 9:00a: Coffee / Test Your Connection
  • 10:00a: In-Person Session 1. Session Chair: Kimberly Hadaway
    NOTE: This session may be delayed, and will start after the World Cup Final finishes
    • Gary Walsh : Using Pell equations to increase ranks of elliptic curves
    • Sungjin Kim : On the reciprocal sum of lcm of k-tuples
    • Ingrid Vukusic: Consecutive tuples of multiplicatively dependent integers
    • Break
  • 11:15a: In-Person Session 2. Session Chair: Kishan Jani
    • Kimberly Hadaway: Enumerating Unit Interval Parking Functions
    • Jon Grantham: Finding a Widely Digitally Delicate Prime
    • Gregory Heilbrunn: Decomposition of 2×2 Matrices Over the Non-negative Integers
  • 12:15p: Lunch
  • 2:15p: Tech check (for speakers, remote participants)
  • 2:30p: Brillhart Session 3. Session Chair: Kjell Wooding
    • Michael Filaseta: John Brillo: The Man, the Myth, the Legend
    • Pante Stanica: Differential Spectrum and Equations on Finite Fields
    • Virtual / Email Tributes
    • Break
  • 3:30p: Brillhart Session 4. Session Chair: Kjell Wooding
    • Andrew Shallue: Tabulating Carmichael numbers
    • Richard Blecksmith: Using Conic Sections to Factor Integers
    • Brillhart Session Wrap-up
  • 4:30p: Problem Session 2
  • 6:00p: Banquet at The Fishwife

Monday, Dec 19 (In-Person, Half Day)

  • 8:30a: Coffee / Test Your Connection
  • 9:00: Second Business Meeting and Closing
    • Future Conferences
    • Lehmer Prizes
    • Thank-yous
  • 10:30 Goodbyes