2019 Lehmer Prizes

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Emma and Dick Lehmer prizes, given to the committee’s favorite talks of the conference. The 2019 recipients are:

Congratulations to our 2019 recipients!

A Message from Michael Morrison

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary, we received the following note from attendee and past organizer, Michael Morrison, which he asked us to pass along to all of you:

Hello to all of you who are lucky to be at the 50th West Coast Number Theory Conference:

Enjoy and treasure it for the next 50 years.

I attended the Conference in 1969. In the summer, I had just finished active duty with the US Army and had returned to graduate school at UCLA, where they graciously awarded me a continuation of my NSF Traineeship.

Of course, I had heard about the Christmas-time gatherings at Dick and Emma Lehmer’s home for many years, since John Brillhart had mentored me as an under-graduate student. Those gatherings were attended by past and present students of Dick and close friends and associates of the Lehmers.

Emma finally decided to expand the gathering and chose the magical location of Asilomar. I was very excited to attend and it was magical. The weather (though some would call it bad) only added to the mystique. It rained the whole time and was super foggy during the day. It was like were enclosed in our own little world. In fact, we were essentially the only ones at Asilomar. At meals, there were only 1 or 2 other groups and they had only 1 or 2 tables each.

In the evening most folks gathered in the lobbies and around the fireplaces located in the two main buildings we used for lodging. It was pretty heady stuff for a young graduate student. I went on to attend many other such meetings and even hosted a few at Asilomar.

Here’s hoping a few of you go on to host future meetings at Asilomar, too! ;)

The 2019 Schedule is posted

The 2019 Schedule of Talks is now available online. All talks will be held in the Nautilus room at Asilomar.

See you there!

WCNT 2019 Has Begun!

The 50th anniversary edition of West Coast Number Theory is upon us!

This year, we will be starting the conference with an informal reception,
to be held in the Nautilus Room at Asilomar from 7-9pm. Drinks (Beer, Wine, Soda) will be available. Some small snacks will be provided, but we strongly encourage you to eat dinner before the reception. If you are staying at Asilomar, Dinner is from 6pm-7pm in the Crocker dining room.

The reception will include the first business meeting which will begin at approximately 7:30pm.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot make the first business meeting, but do plan to give a talk, please send your talk title to info@westcoastnumbertheory.org before 6pm on Dec 16 so we can make sure you are on the schedule.

2018 Problem Sets posted

Hello Number Theorists,

Thanks to the tireless work of Gerry Myerson, the notes from the 2018 problem sessions are now available online. Thanks Gerry for all your hard work!

For this problem set, and many more, visit our Problem Sets page.

A note from Richard Guy

Last week, we received a note from long-time attendee Richard Guy. Richard was the long-time maintainer of the West Coast Number Theory problem sets (which eventually turned into his classic book: Unsolved Problems in Number Theory):

Please pass this to all the participants in the West Coast Number Theory Conference. I am sorry that the passage of years has rendered it infeasible to come and join you. Happy memories going back 50 years. The Lehmers, the Robinsons, the Todds, John Selfridge and John Brillhart.
I hope that John B. is still flourishing and will be able to join you. And Gerry Myerson, who took over the problems section from me many years ago. Best to all! Richard.

Call for talks: 50th Anniversary (Historical) Session

For this year’s 50th anniversary conference, we are planning a special session of historical talks. If you’d like to give a talk that reflects on a historical aspect of number theory, your work, or the conference itself, please make a note on your registration form.

Announcement: the 50th Anniversary Conference

Hello Number Theorists,

Please join us for the 50th anniversary edition of the West Coast Number Theory Conference, to be held Dec 16-20, 2019, where it all began back in 1969:

Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA

The early registration rate for students, postdocs, and retirees is $75; for all others it is $100. Early registration ends November 1, 2019, after which registration will increase by $25. Financial assistance is available for those who need it.

Full details on registration and accommodations can be found here on the website. Note if you are applying for funding, you must stay at Asilomar as part of the conference block

We hope you can make a special effort to come celebrate with us in December!


Your WCNT 2019 organizers:

  • Kjell Wooding,
  • Amy Wooding,
  • Colin Weir,
  • Amanda Tucker,
  • Kevin McGown, and
  • Eva Goedhart

2018 Lehmer Prizes

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Emma and Dick Lehmer prizes, given to the committee’s favorite talks of the conference. The 2018 recipients are:

Congratulations to our 2018 recipients!

2017 Lehmer Prizes

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Emma and Dick Lehmer prizes, given to the committee’s favorite talks of the conference. The 2017 recipients are:

Congratulations to our 2017 recipients!