Lehmer Prizes

Each year at the conference, the organizing committee gives out the Emma and Dick Lehmer prizes: awards given to the committee’s favorite talks of the conference. Traditionally, at least one of these awards is given to a first-time speaker at West Coast Number Theory.

Recipients of the Lehmer Prize are given free registration to the next year’s conference.

To date, the recipients have been as follows:

  • 2021: Shanna Dobson: Diamond L-Groups and Diamond Modular Curve
  • 2021: Vaishavi Sharma: Arithmetic properties of the divisor function
  • 2021: Johann Thiel: Solving the membership problem for certain subgroups of SL_2(Z)
  • 2021: Sarah Arpin: Supersingular Elliptic Curve Isogeny Graphs with Level Structure
  • 2019: Nandita Sahajpal — Rational Zeros of a System of Two Quadratic Forms
  • 2019: Evan M. O’Dorney — Reflection theorems for class numbers of binary forms
  • 2018: David Nguyen: The k-fold divisor function in arithmetic progression to large moduli
  • 2018: Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo: Diophantine tuples over Z_p
  • 2017: Kelly Emrich, Clark Lyons. Norm-Euclidean Ideal Classes in Galois Cubic Fields
  • 2017: Enrique Treviño. Counting perfect polynomials
  • 2017: Lee Troupe: Counting subgroups of the multiplicative group
  • 2016: Bianca Thompson: On the Field of Definition of a Cubic Rational Function and its Critical Points
  • 2016: Andrew Shallue: Average liar counts for degree 2 Frobenius pseudoprimes
  • 2015: Nitya Mani: N-Division Points of Hypocycloids
  • 2015: Andreas Weingartner: Polynomial Analogues of Some Results in Number Theory