Previous Conferences

West Coast Number Theory is held annually in December. Generally, odd years have been held at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA, while even years are hosted at any of a variety of other locations. When held away from the west coast, the conference is more commonly referred to as Western Number Theory.

Most recently, West Coast Number Theory has been held at:

The conference has a long history prior to this. The complete list of venues is as follows:

1967 Berkeley (informal gathering at the Lehmers’ house)
1968 Berkeley (2nd annual informal gathering at the Lehmers’ house)
1969 Asilomar (First official conference)
1970 Tucson
1971 Asilomar
1972 Claremont
1973 Los Angeles
1974 Los Angeles
1975 Asilomar
1976 San Diego
1977 Los Angeles
1978 Santa Barbara
1979 Asilomar
1980 Tucson
1981 Santa Barbara
1982 San Diego
1983 Asilomar
1984 Asilomar
1985 Asilomar
1986 Tucson
1987 Asilomar
1988 Las Vegas
1989 Asilomar
1990 Asilomar
1991 Asilomar
1992 Corvallis
1993 Asilomar
1994 San Diego
1995 Asilomar
1996 Las Vegas
1997 Asilomar
1998 San Francisco
1999 Asilomar
2000 San Diego
2001 Asilomar
2002 San Francisco
2003 Asilomar
2004 Las Vegas
2005 Asilomar
2006 Ensenada
2007 Asilomar
2008 Fort Collins

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