2012 Schedule of Talks

Monday, December 17

Computational Number Theory Session – Eric Roettger

9:20 Florian Luca: Coincidences in Generalized Fibonacci Recurrences
9:40 Renate Scheidler: Distrubution of Class Numbers of Function Fields
10:00 David Bailey: Lattice Sums from the Poisson Function

10:20 Announcements/BREAK

10:40 David Bailey: Walking On Real Numbers
11:00 Jianqiang Zhao: Generating Functions and New Identities of Multiple Zeta Values
11:20 Pante Stanica: On Some Combinatorial Conjectures of Z. W. Sun

12:00 LUNCH

Elementary Number Theory Session I – David Bailey

2:00 Helen Grundman: Bounds for Davenport-type Constants
2:20 Richard McIntosh: Diophantine Equations Associated with Baillie-PSW Pseudoprimes
2:40 Lola Thompson: Sums of Distinct Divisors

3:00 BREAK

3:30 FIRST PROBLEM SESSION – Gerry Myerson


Tuesday, December 18

Elementary Number Theory Session II – Amy Wooding

9:00 Russell Jay Hendel: 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 – Fibonacci Initial Digit Pair Sequences
9:20 Heesung Yang: Variant of a Theorem of Erdos on the Sum-of-proper-divisors
9:40 Daryl Deford: Inverse-similar Recurrence Relations

10:00 Announcements/BREAK

10:30 Sebastian Lindner: Fast Tripling Over Low Genus Hyperelliptic Curves
10:50 Eric Roettger: A Look at Some Divisibility Sequences
11:10 Mark Kozek: Recent Results Using Coverings
11:30 Rob Akscyn: On the Number of Composites Less Than a Given Magnitude

12:00 LUNCH



Wednesday, December 19

Algebraic Number Theory Session – Renate Scheidler

9:20 Colin Weir: Extending Zagier on Continued Fractions
9:40 Bobby Grizzard: On the Composition of All Degree d extensions of a Number Field
10:00 Eva Goedhart: The Odd Cases of Nx2+2L3m=yN

10:20 Announcements/BREAK

11:00 Paul Thomas Young: Explicit Computation of Gross-Stark Units Over Real Quadratic Fields
11:20 Ryan Daileda: Making Imprimitive Characters Behave Primitively
11:40 Ben Linowitz: Newform Theory for Hilbert Eisenstein Series

12:00 LUNCH

Miscellaneous Number Theory Session – Bart Goddard

2:00 Peter Montgomery: David Cantor’s Obituary
2:20 Albert Bush: Indexed Additive Energy
2:40 John Brillhart: The Development of the Continued Fraction Factoring Method

3:00 BREAK



Thursday, December 20

Historical Session

7:30 Pick up box lunches (if ordered) at breakfast

9:00-11:00 Informal discussion of past conferences and problems (Evergreen Room)

Break—delivered at 9:30

11:30 Farewell and check out

12:00 LUNCH