2013 Schedule of Talks

Monday, December 16

Session Chair: Eva Goedhart

9:30 Andreas Weingartner: On the ratios of consecutive divisors.
9:55 Carl Pomerance: The set of values of an arithmetic function

10:20 Announcements / BREAK

10:45 Christelle Vincent: Weierstrass points on Drinfeld modular curves
11:10 Colin Weir: p-torsion of curves in characteristic-p
11:35 Nathan McNew: On sets of integers which contain no three terms in geometric progression

12:00 LUNCH

Session Chair: John Burke

2:00 David Bailey: Computation and analysis of Mordell-Torheim-Witten sums
2:25 Michael Jacobson: Shorter compact representations in real quadratic fields
2:50 Renate Scheidler: Shorter compact representations on hyperelliptic curves

3:15 Announcements / BREAK
3:40 FIRST PROBLEM SESSION – Gerry Myerson

Tuesday, December 17

Session Chair: Renate Scheidler

9:00 Eric Roettger: Some new pseudoprimes?
9:30 Taylor Dupuy: “Derivatives” on the integers and an application
9:55 John Friedlander: On squares and primes

10:20 Announcements / BREAK

10:45 Russell Hendel: Jump sums in the Pascal triangle
11:10 Nathan Hamlin: Cryptography with recurrence representations
11:35 Robert Akscyn: The pattern of the primes

12:00 LUNCH



Wednesday, December 18

Session Chair: Russell Hendel

9:30 David Thomson: Existence and properties of k-normal elements over finite fields
9:55 Christian Ballot: The sum of primes and a recurrence: On Romanoff’s tracks

10:20 Announcements / BREAK

10:45 Marie-Andree Langlois: On the fundamental group of an elliptic curve
11:10 Xun Sun: Complexity of lattice problems on cyclic lattices
11:35 Stefan Erickson: Apollonian circle packings

12:00 LUNCH

Session Chair: Bart Goddard

2:00 Daniel Mayer: Class tower and capitulation over quadratic fields
2:25 Eva Goedhart: On the Diophantine equation x2n + 22l p2m =z5
2:50 Shawn Elledge: On minimal levels of Iwasawa towers

3:15 Announcements / BREAK

Thursday, December 20

Bull Session

9:00-11:00 Informal discussion of past conferences, problems, and people (Oak Shelter Room)

Break—delivered at 9:00. Box lunches will be available in the OAK SHELTER room

11:30 Farewell and check out

12:00 LUNCH