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2021 Schedule is Posted

The WCNT 2021 schedule has now been posted. Find it at 2021 WCNT Schedule.

If there are problems, questions, or changes required, please visit the #help channel on Slack.

Virtual WCNT 2021 is Happening! Dec 16-19

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or as we call it in Canada: Thursday). Now that the turkey has settled, we are pleased to announce the details of this year’s fully virtual West Coast Number Theory event.

Problems in Number Theory

We’ve been known to use the term “West Coast” pretty loosely for this conference over the years, (Las Vegas, anyone?), but since this year’s West Coast Number Theory will be a fully virtual event, we’re going to go with a slightly less geographical name. This year’s event will be known as:

  WCNT 2021: Problems in Number Theory
  Dec 16-19, 2021

Online (Zoom, Slack, and a Wiki)

As in previous years, the event will feature a mix of talks and problem sessions, with one new formal addition this year: community sessions.

What are community sessions?

“Community sessions” are an opportunity for us to stay connected in a variety of interesting, innovative, and potentially amusing ways during the conference. These are the types of activities that often go on before, between, and after the formal sessions at the in-person event. Because we’re not in-person, we’re going to bring them to this year’s virtual event in the form of themed and guided community sessions.

Some examples of Community Sessions might be:

  • Co-author speed-finding. Think “speed dating”, but as a way of finding potential co-authors.
  • WCNT Family Tree: How did we all get here
  • Problems *About* Number Theory: Moderated conversations around things that keep us up at night; e.g. “Balancing career and family”,  “Non-traditional careers in Math”, “Becoming a better mathematician.”
  • Happy Hour: virtual version of our traditional (but informal) “late-night session”
  • Awards Session: The Lehmer prizes! (And the “other” prizes :)


Registration costs will range from $25 to $75 per person, based on your ability to pay. Since it’s Black Friday, here’s a special deal. Register before Tuesday Nov 30 and we’ll knock $5 off.

After Dec 5, prices will increase by $15. Register at

Financial Assistance

We realize there can be challenges to attending a virtual event (e.g. “Kids”). If you have circumstances that would make it difficult for you to attend a virtual event this year, and you think a small grant (< $200) could enable you to overcome these challenges, please submit a proposal answering the questions “how much” and “how it will help” to: Some answers to the second question might include:

  • Childcare or caregiver costs during meeting times
  • Meeting room / desk rental (say, at a co-work space for the duration)


As always, the finalized schedule will be posted after the first business meeting, and will depend on the number of talks that are submitted. Tentatively, the conference will resemble the in-person events of the past, with a virtual banquet and business meeting from 4-6pm (Pacific) on Dec 16, a shorter (“half”) day on Dec 18, and an informal late night (“happy hour”) session in the evenings. The awards session will be held on Dec 19, and will be the final event of the conference.

We hope you are keeping well, and hope to see you at this year’s (virtual) event!

(Register now! Prices go up in a week:

Amy, Eva, Kjell and introducing: Nandita!
Your “WCNT 2021: Problems in Number Theory” organizers