One of the guiding principles behind the West Coast Number Theory conference is that every idea is worth 15 minutes. This means that there is not a formal, established program of talks before the conference begins. The list of speakers and topics is decided upon at the first business meeting, traditionally held after the opening banquet or reception.

The 2019 schedule will be posted on the first night of the conference, after the first business meeting. You can take a look at previous years schedules for a flavor of what to expect.

First Business Meeting

Submitting Talks

The first business meeting will be held after the opening reception on Dec 16 at approximately 7:30pm.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot make the first business meeting, but do plan to give a talk, please send your talk title to so we can make sure you are on the schedule.

Also Note: We are planning a special 50th anniversary (historical) session of talks during the conference. If you would like to give a talk in this session, please make a note on your registration form.

Opening Reception

This year, we will be starting the conference with an informal reception,
to be held in the Nautilus Room at Asilomar from 7-9pm. Drinks (Beer, Wine, Soda) will be available. Some small snacks will be provided, but we strongly encourage you to eat dinner before the reception. If you are staying at Asilomar, Dinner is from 6pm-7pm in the Crocker dining room.

The reception will include the first business meeting which will begin at approximately 7:30pm.

Talks and Problem Sessions

Format of the Talks

The length allowed for all talks is 15-20 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions. The second and fourth days of thee conference will be full days of talks, while the third will have talks in the morning, leaving the afternoon for our “afternoon off” for sightseeing and recreation. The final day will be another half day.

Traditionally, if there are not enough talks to fill the last day, it will consist of the informal “historical session,” described below. Two problem sessions will be scheduled during the conference, where unsolved problems, half-baked ideas, questions pertaining to number theory, and notes about previously posed problems are discussed.

Resources available

We have arranged for an a computer projector and a white board. If you have any other requirements, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Historical Session

If there are not enough talks to fill the final morning, the informal “Historical Session” will be held on the final morning of the conference, wherein we drink coffee, and swap stories of past conferences and participants.

Past Schedules

To give you and idea of the participant list and the wide variety and level of talks one can expect at this conference, schedules from recent conferences are available online. (Note: These documents may not reflect last minute changes that were made to the program during the conference itself.)

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